A and Z, two childhood friends, are talking about their interests. While A is interested in the world of films, Z is interested in marketing, and is also trying to learn digital marketing online with the Digital Deepak Internship Program. Here’s the conversation they’re having:

A: Z, did you watch that recent film? Wasn’t it a treat to watch? The cinematography was so well done.

Z: No A, I haven’t gotten a chance to watch it yet. Have been busy with my internship program. Remember, I’d told you? Digital Marketing?

A: Oh yeah, I remember. You and your craze for…

Hailing from Mumbai, Nisha Shah has had quite a journey in her professional life. After studying journalism and working in a reputed newspaper company, she chose to upgrade herself by studying digital marketing and getting into the industry. However, the actual upgrade came when she joined Digital Deepak’s Internship Program, where she practiced what she learned and got lot more than she expected!

While interning itself, Nisha got clients for blog writing and social media marketing; and her freelance journey started from there. …

“Still believe in magic?
Yes I do.”

This might as well be the song playing in the heads of everyone who is in hopes of winning the tickets to Coldplay’s show in November. Considering the huge fan base that Coldplay has in India, it was indeed a very smart move on their part to associate with Global Citizen India to distribute free tickets. However, they’re making sure the fans ‘earn' these free tickets and don’t just get them by sitting idle and doing nothing. Maybe, this will generate excitement, they might have thought.

Coldplay’s impromptu gig at Summer House Cafe…

Nisha Shah

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