Meet Nisha Shah, digital marketing revolutionary!

Hailing from Mumbai, Nisha Shah has had quite a journey in her professional life. After studying journalism and working in a reputed newspaper company, she chose to upgrade herself by studying digital marketing and getting into the industry. However, the actual upgrade came when she joined Digital Deepak’s Internship Program, where she practiced what she learned and got lot more than she expected!

While interning itself, Nisha got clients for blog writing and social media marketing; and her freelance journey started from there. After that, she also got a job in a reputed company as a social media marketer, but her freelance journey continued side-by-side, with her having at least 2 clients every month.

Growing professionally, Nisha started to earn in lacs every month, and became the most successful version of herself, inspiring others around her. After years of freelancing and working, Nisha thought of becoming a mentor in Digital Marketing, bridging the gap in the market where she resided. Instead of teaching a huge batch of students, she began teaching Digital Marketing on a one-on-one basis, something that was quite unheard of, till then. That’s when her footing as a revolutionary began. Today, she is a renowned name in the world of digital marketing. From being just a small digital marketer, a freelancer to a mentor, she has come a long way.

Along with growing professionally, training students and freelancing for the topmost clients in the world, Nisha also realized that self-care is the best form of love; and so she took care of her body in the best way she could. An hour of physical activity, a few minutes of meditation and spending time in nature were a part of her daily routine.

Hustling with every hardship in her life, she bloomed into a confident and successful entrepreneur who believed in grabbing the right opportunity at the right time.